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  • Project INBETS BSR. “Innovative Business Transfer Models for SMEs in the BSR”.

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Project INBETS BSR. “Innovative Business Transfer Models for SMEs in the BSR”.

Project INBETS BSR. “Innovative Business Transfer Models for SMEs in the BSR”.

Succession is one of the most important issues in family businesses. Small and medium-sized enterprises are mostly managed in the long-term by owners who, when they retire, do not transfer their activities to the next generation, which carries the risk of losing knowledge and jobs.

An important aspect in succession planning is the transfer of ownership and business management skills to next generations to ensure the continuation and further development of a family, multi-generational business in line with its assumptions.

Project assumptions are devoted to the problem of succession in the SME environment and project activities focus on researching, strengthening and developing innovative models of business transfers in SMEs in the Baltic Sea Region. The tools developed are intended to facilitate business relocation in an SME environment, ensuring their universal availability and implementation in enterprises.

The project has the following main objectives:

  • Strengthening institutional capacity of existing SME promotion institutions in terms of sustai-ned promotion of business transfers in 9 BSR countries.
  • Better endorsement of SME business transfers by policy and administrations and easier fi-nancing.
  • Sustainable skills of entrepreneurship, increase of entrepreneurial qualifications and increasing the number of candidates willing to take over businesses.
  • Promoting business transfers during project implementation and ensuring sustained continuation of the implemented measures on a broad basis in all BSR countries.

It is an innovative project because most of the projects and activities are currently focused on creating new companies and the challenges related to maintenance and the continuation of business operations after the change of ownership are not promoted and included in subsidies.

Change of mindset, advancement of knowledge and awareness of successful transfer in the enterprise is one of the goals of this project.

The project leader is the Baltic Sea Academy from Hamburg, and the Small Business Chamber is one of the project partners. Other partners in the project are universities and organizations from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Russia.

If you want to obtain detailed information about the project, write to us at the email address:

The project implemented under the program: Interreg Baltic Sea Region (Interreg Baltic). Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Total value of the project: 2,464,270.00 EUR.

Value of co-financing under the project for the Small Business Chamber: 117,351 EUR.


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